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i notice the perscriptive ([personal profile] mbti) wrote2017-03-13 09:25 pm
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how to recognize an intj in your daily life

1) many self-typed intjs are not intjs

(intjs are inclined to mistype as istj or infj. istjs, entjs, and sometimes xntps are inclined to mistype as intj.)

2) many self-typed intjs who are actually intjs hold a romanticized view of intj and justification for their behavior, and dislike experiencing self-doubt as frequently as they do

3) accurately self-typed intjs who don't romanticize their mbti are aware of but constantly are trying to gather more information to further understand both themselves and mbti to recognize different ways an intj manifests and the complex facets of an intj personality. despite how much they already understand or how much information they have already gathered they will never feel like they have thoroughly understood or gathered "enough" information, trying and also frequently reaching conclusions but conclusions which are always up for debate or change due to both (occasional) self-doubt, as it is their personality type; and also in that there is always more information to be added and more facts to be understood. while things are mentally understood, conclusions about mbti typing other people/characters are frequently Tentative for them in knowing that there is always room for More Information